Our goal is to further scale up our customers' businesses through IT technology.
We will continue to be a partner who knows our customers well, works closely with them, and works with them to solve problems.



The word "unique" is often used to mean "unusual,"
but it also means "no other exists".
In order to continue to be a unique' and irreplaceable' presence for our customers and society, we will continue to improve and contribute to society, enriching society, and making people happy.


Creativity produces innovation.
In the past, humans continued to enrich the world through innovation.
As members of the human race living today, we also train our creativity and create as many possibilities as possible that will benefit our customers and society.


If we are not empathetic and kind when providing value to our customers, it will be a transaction that has lost its soul.
We always listen closely to our customers' concerns, issues, and thoughts, dig deep, and continue to work together with them.


Consider into customer requests as long as depth

We listen faithfully to our customers' requests and do more than just make them come true. By digging deeply into the questions "why?', why?, and what are your thoughts?'', we work in the same direction as our customers to solve problems.

We are committed to our customers interests

There is no point in doing business that does not benefit your business. What kind of benefits will the customer commit to through the website or system? We will continue development and operation while thinking together.

We also focus on your future

In addition to system development and website production that we provide to our customers, we also ask ourselves what will happen to our customers' businesses in the future. We will consider this together and make a proposal. Through your work, you may be able to see an exciting future for your customers.


UCK Inc. Japan

Ungaisouten (UGST)